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It goes without saying that packaging for foodstuffs must meet high standards of quality and hygiene and must protect the product against external influences after bagging. In addition, each product can set further specific requirements due to its special characteristics.



point of attention: preserve aroma and taste

Since 1982  Interjute has been supplyings polypropylene bags to several clients in the malting industry, for the packing of their malt and/or barley.   


Polypropylene bags are strong yet light and breathable, making them particularly apt for the packing of foodstuffs. 


The bags can be supplied in a variety of qualities, sizes and colours.  Printing is possible on one or both sides in multiple colours.  

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point of attention: limit dusting

Polypropylene bags breathe and they are light but strong.  This makes them ideal for the packing of wheat flour and other fine-grained products. 


The polypropylene bags can be provided with an inner bag of perforated paper and be printed on one or both sides in multiple colours.


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point of attention: protect against moisture

Interjute supplies sugarbags with a capacity ranging from 5 to 50 kg. The bags can be delivered flatpacked on pallets for automatic bagging installations. 

Printing is possible on one or both sides in multiple colours. 


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